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    Get Wall-to-Wall WiFi In Your Home

    When you use Boost WiFi, you’ll see the benefits that WiFi can bring to your home, including wall-to-wall coverage, a faster path to online gaming, and a smooth streaming experience no matter where you are in your home.

    Get Premium Boost WiFi For Your Home

    With Boost WiFi by Rainier Connect, you can enjoy maximum WiFi coverage and performance throughout your entire home. You’ll experience enhanced Internet speeds in every room with no buffering, no lag, no dead zones, and zero throw-your-device moments.

    No Dead Zones. No Buffering.

    We'll be in every room in the house... but, not in a creepy way.

    Boost launches your signal further. Giving you reliable wall-to-wall speeds all across your home with access points that extend your Internet’s reach.

    Eliminate lag and buffering. Gamers and streamers, look no further. You’ll enjoy reduced lag time, no buffering, and eliminate jitters with Boost WiFi.

    Add Boost to your Internet package starting at $10/mo.

    Contact our customer support team to add it to your existing internet plan, or sign up as a new customer with Boost WiFi. Call us today at (253) 683-4100!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Boost WiFi expands the reach of your high-speed internet throughout your home. If you experience dead zones in your home, this can be resolved using Boost WiFi by Rainier Connect. We provide Internet access points throughout your home so that you get the optimal internet connection no matter where you are in your home.
    Our customer service team will ask you a series of questions to help you better understand how Boost WiFi might help you reduce lag, buffering time, and overall connection throughout your home. The number of access points required will vary based on the size of your home and where you are experiencing a “dead zone.” Please contact one of our friendly customer service team members and we’d be happy to assist.
    As a current Rainier Connect internet customer, you can add this to your monthly plan starting at $10/mo. Contact our customer support team to add it to your existing internet plan, or sign up as a new customer with Boost WiFi. Call us today at 253.683.4100!
    Boost WiFi directs internet traffic to the nearest access point, switching devices to the optimum band (2.4G/5G), keeping older devices from “clogging” your network flow. In short, Boost ensures that you are constantly connected to the internet no matter where you are in your home and will automatically connect you to the fastest network available at the time. No need to manually switch. Imagine this when streaming a television show or playing a live game with your friends. It’s a game changer!

    Wall-To-Wall Premium Boost WiFi

    Premium Boost WiFi is an add-on service to your regular home WiFi. This enhanced WiFi enables you to have wall-to-wall premium WiFi coverage in every room of your home. No dead zones. No lag time. Just blazing fast internet. Add it to your residential home internet plan today.