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    How do I set up email on my iPhone?

    Setting Up Email on an iPhone



    On your iPhone:

    1. Go into Settings

    2. Select Mail, contacts, calendars

    3. Select Add Account

    4. Select Account Type Other

    5. Under Add Mail Account Enter the Following

      1. Name: your name

      2. Email: full email address

      3. Password: your password

      4. Description: how you’d like to identify the account

      5. Next when done

    6. Select IMAP or POP (POP recommended)

      1. For the Incoming mail server:

    Host Name:
    Username: full email address
    Password: your e-mail password

    1. For the Outgoing Mail Server

    Host Name:
    User Name: full email address
    Password: your e-mail password

    1. When You Get a Message Saying “Cannot connect Using SSL: Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?”  Select “YES”