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    United Healthcare UCard Payments

    Customers may have received UCards from United Healthcare, which is the new Medicare member ID card and provides access to more benefits. On the website, one benefit listed for the UCard is to have the ability to pay eligible utilities.

    Currently, Rainier Connect does not accept payment via the United Healthcare UCard. 

    To gain access to your United Healthcare benefits, you must register for the UCard Hub website or mobile app:

    Payments made using your UCard benefits may take several business days to be received by Rainier Connect. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to receive a payment made using UCard benefits, customers will be responsible for all late fees and/or disconnect/reconnect charges.

    For more instruction and information on your United Healthcare UCard benefits, we encourage you to contact them directly by calling the customer service number on the UCard. Our Customer care representative are unable to use the UCard to process a payment for your account in the office, by phone, or through our SmartHub program. Our Customer care representatives will direct you to United Healthcare for all questions regarding the UCard and coverage. 

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